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PBS's tech guru Robert X. Cringely:
"...Equipped with a notebook computer, appropriate stumbling software, and my trusty Super Cantenna sorta-high-gain antenna it never took me more than 10 minutes of driving to find service I could “borrow...” Read story

Oakland Tribune:
"The Super Cantenna looks a lot more professional than waving around your 40-ounce can from Del Monte."

WiFi Planet:
"The result is a directional antenna that delivers 12 dBi of gain, compared to ratings of as little as 2 dBi for the antennas built into Wi-Fi access points. That translates into greater range." Read story
"Readers may also be happy to know that the hassles of building a cantenna are over. The Super Cantenna more than triples the performance of a home built, for about $20 bucks."

"Until this year, consumers in need of this distance were left to search the internet for plans on building their own." Read story

"Until this year, consumers in need of this distance were left to search the internet for plans on building their own." Read

Tom's Hardware Guide:
"Die 'Dose' ist optimal geeignet um die Reichweite des eigenen WLAN-Netzwerkes zu vergrößern oder aber um sich in fremde Netzwerke einzuloggen. Read

Robbie Taylor,
Memphis, TN

I purchased my first Cantenna in March of 2003, after your product was mentioned in a wireless security speech I attended given by Federal Express (FedEx) Corporation’s CIO that spring.

I first began using and testing my Cantenna by war driving our different corporate locations in the city, basically auditing our facilities for rogue access points. Once I determined the extreme range that I was able to achieve connectivity, I packed it in my suitcase on a business trip to Baltimore. With the sluggish economy, my company had begun cutting corners, starting with our business trip accommodations.

The hotels I was being booked into did not offer any type of high speed connections, so I was hoping that my Cantenna could help. Within 5 minutes of my arrival, I had a high speed Internet connection and began working from my inexpensive hotel room with no extra expense to the company. Since that inaugural trip, I have continued to carry my Cantenna on all of my business travels. I have discovered that hotel Internet access is hit and miss at best, and my Cantenna provides me a much more reliable Internet connection every time! My success with the Cantenna has caused other IT travelers in my company to purchase one for themselves.

Thanks for making such a reliable and rugged product.


Robbie Taylor

Rob Toyias, Niuhi, Inc.

Rob Toyias sent us this story of how he used the Super Cantenna to broadcast his wedding in Jamaica to friends and relatives that couldn't attend.

I am the guy that web-cast his wedding from Jamaica way back in Oct. The web cast was a total success, and I could not have done it without your Cantenna.
Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

This is how it went, after telling all my friends and family they could watch it on the internet I was feeling like I really needed to deliver. Since I really had no idea what to expect on the property, distances and lines of site, I went there with 3 linksys WAP11s thinking that if I had to I could set them up as repeaters if I needed to. Well after a few frustrating hours trying to get the repeaters going the IT guy at the resort ( his name was Danien, a huge help btw ) suggested we just move the access point a little and try shooting the Cantenna straight out to the wedding spot. In about 20 minutes I was sitting at my laptop on the beach sipping some rum drink and enjoying a great connection. I could not have done it without your product. It was very easy to use, durable (it rained lightly later in the day) and worked very well. I owe you guys huge. Follow are a few pics I took at the resort (Sandals Negril).

As you can see ended up doing nothing very special. A WAP11 and the Cantenna was all I needed. The intended target is behind me. I left it like this over night (I was busy) came out the next day and logged right on. Then I was scolded for checking my email and disconnected :)

Where I got married. This picture was taken from the table pictured below.

The official "Broadcasters Booth". Where my laptop lived throughout the show.

The Cantenna's POV. That's the little Gazebo in the center. (no zoom lens used)

Rob Toyias



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