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Connect your Super Cantenna to your laptop via a USB adapter
Even if your laptop has built-in wireless, you will need a way to connect an external antenna.

Option 1: Laptop with PCMCIA Card

Make sure your PCMCIA Card has an external antenna port! Find a
Compatible PCMCIA Card here

How to connect:
Connect the Super Cantenna to the Laptop Adapter Cable.
Aim your Super Cantenna.

Make sure you have a PCMCIA Card slot! If you have one of the newer and smaller Express Card slots, use the USB option instead.


Where to find a PCMCIA Card:


Option 2: Laptops with USB (PREFERRED METHOD)

A USB Adapter with a removable antenna is great for all laptops, including newer versions with an Express Card slot.


We recommend the Geeks USB adapter:


Geeks 150Mbps 802.11b/g/n USB Adapter for the Cantenna

How to connect:
Unscrew external antenna from USB device.
Connect the Super Cantenna.
Aim your Super Cantenna.

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