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How to use your Super Cantenna.

Does your current wireless setup leave dead spots in your house, garage, garden, or office?      


A Super Cantenna attached to your wireless device will boost your signal and reach those areas.

Create a broadband wireless community and connect to other public networks in your neighborhood.

Extend your range even further by using a Super Cantenna at each location.

Setup is easy: connect, point and shoot!


Simply attach the Super Cantenna to your wireless router, access, point, bridge, repeater, or media adapter, and then fine-tune by pointing to an incoming signal.

How the Super Cantenna performs compared to other antennas:
Omni-directional whip antenna
Flat panel semi-directional antenna

Super Cantenna directional antenna


The importance of beamwidth:
Omni-directional whip antenna
  360°–Signal travels in all directions for a short distance
Flat panel semi-directional antenna
  90-180°–Signal travels in a broad direction for a short distance

Super Cantenna directional antenna


30°–Signal travels in a narrow direction for a long distance.


The Super Cantenna focuses your signal where you use it the most.

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Is the Super Cantenna right for you?

What you can do with it:

Network with neighbors for house-to-house gaming, file sharing, web-surfing, etc.

Connect to public wireless hot spots at coffee houses, restaurants, resorts, RV-parks, truck stops, libraries, and more.

Bridge gaps in your wireless network at home or office.

Share a broadband connection with others, where permitted.

Reduce interference from other networks and increase security by taking advantage of the Super Cantenna’s 30-degree focused beam.

Connect with other Xbox gamers across the hall or street.

Why not a "home made" Cantenna?

The Super Cantenna's dimensions, shielding, and polarization have been engineered for maximum signal strength and distance, using only high-quality and lab-tested materials to manufacture the outer shell and inner parts. This ensures consistent and superior performance over typical homemade "Pringles" type antennas.

Use it outdoors too! The Super Cantenna's quality construction and weather resistant urethane laminate makes it perfect for use on rooftops, balconies, poles, or towers.

Tip! Because the Super Cantenna has linear polarization, you may find that you get a better signal by rotating it slightly clockwise or counterclockwise on the tripod along its cylindrical axis.


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