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How to use a Cantenna to connect to your city-wide WiFi network.

Citywide and municipal Wi-Fi is growing faster than ever with new downtown hotzones popping up every day. While these networks provide a great public service, coverage typically extends only a limited distance beyond Main Street.

The Super Cantenna, an inexpensive wireless booster antenna that has become a Holy Grail for those looking to find and connect to their city's public network. In fact, without the Super Cantenna, many citizens would be unable to reach and connect at all.

The Super Cantenna is inexpensive and very easy to use. Just plug in, point and surf.


The Super Cantenna’s long signal beam is used to boost a visible but weak signal or extend your range to find a signal that was not reachable before.

  A Super Cantenna attached to your wireless device and pointed toward the public Hotzone can make a difference between getting no signal at all and achieving full speed.
Setup is easy: connect, point and shoot!
Connect it directly to your desktop PC's wireless PCI Card.   Or, connect it to your laptop's external wireless PCMCIA card.

Or, connect it to a wireless bridge, which connects to your laptop via USB or Ethernet.   Or, connect it to a wireless bridge, which connects to your desktop via USB or Ethernet.


Tip: Your Super Cantenna should be located near a window closest to the public WiFi provider. A wireless bridge is an ideal option when your laptop or PC is some distance from the perfect window.

How the Super Cantenna performs compared to other antennas:
Omni-directional whip antenna
Flat panel semi-directional antenna

Super Cantenna directional antenna



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What do I need to connect to a public WiFi network?

A public WiFi network provider in the vicinity. Find a public WiFi network here
  A desktop computer with a wireless PCI card, a laptop with a PCMCIA card, or a wireless access point/bridge. See compatibility chart
  A Super Cantenna.

*Even if your laptop has a built-in wireless card, you will need an external WiFi card. Learn about connecting to laptops.


Featured Hotzone Providers:

Cheetah Wireless
Maverick wireless
Spokane HotZone
Seattle Wireless Net
Tempe Free Wifi


Mac Users! Connect the Super Cantenna with the Hawking USB Adapter for Macs.


Mini Glossary

Hotzone: a public citywide WiFi network

Hotspot: a small public or private WiFi network, like cafés, libraries, RV Parks, etc.

WiFi Network: Any wireless network, private or public.

Bridge: A radio device that receives a wireless signal from the base station. It attaches to your laptop or computer via USB, PCI slot, or Ethernet.

WiFi PCMCIA Card (sometimes referred to as a PC Card):  A removable, credit-card-sized card that fits into an expansion slot on a notebook computer. The Cantenna attaches to the PCMCIA card via the optional

WiFi PCI Card:  A wireless card which is attached to your desktop computer which allows your desktop to receive a wireless signal.  Most PCI cards come with removable antennas which can then be replaced with your Super Cantenna.


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