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About Wireless Garden, Inc.

Founded in 2002 in San Diego, California, Wireless Garden is committed to helping achieve ubiquitous public wireless connectivity. We firmly believe that given the tools, people will plant the seeds that make the world's Wireless Garden grow.

Wireless Garden's Super Cantenna has become one of the most recognizable icons of the WiFi age. With a worldwide distribution footprint, Wireless Garden's Super Cantenna is currently one of the best selling Wi-Fi Booster Antennas at major retailers like CompUSA, Radioshack, Circuit City and many others. Indeed, tens of thousands of consumer, business, government and military users have chosen to extend the range of their own wireless networks and connect to public networks in their area with the Super Cantenna and related accessories.

The Public Wireless Revolution

More individuals, businesses and local governments are enjoying wireless internet access thanks to proliferating municipal hotzones, hotspots and community wireless networks. Once restricted to major metropolitan areas, these last-mile broadband networks are popping up in nearly every municipality nationwide. Cities and towns are making the investment in the hopes of luring high-tech businesses and residents as well as bridging the digital divide in traditionally depressed neighborhoods.

These networks are providing a number of services to they communities they service, including, free or pay internet access for citizens, authorized public worker access to key content, surveillance and traffic cameras and public access to community content.

And while these networks provide access to many areas, they are not total coverage solutions. In addition, as more subscribers come on line, network capacity must be upgraded or made more efficient to ensure sufficient bandwidth. Providers are offering unequal levels of service to users and leaving money on the table in the way of would be subscribers and services that are just out of the effective range of the network.

The Super Cantenna®

Wireless Garden’s Super Cantenna has emerged as the most effective, low-cost solution for connecting to wireless providers, extending Wi-Fi range and bridging network gaps for the government agencies, businesses and individuals who are using it. A high-gain directional antenna, the Super Cantenna allows access to a network with the least amount of interference. The Super Cantenna focuses signal directly on the network access points, providing greater efficiency without the cost of adding additional capacity.

Super Cantenna is a product of Wireless Garden.

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